Cooperate Project

Creating Opportunities and Occasions to Promote a European Results-based Action for Training and Education.

The context of COOPERATE is represented by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shown the inability of the EU national health systems to counteract it.
prepared to manage the crisis, adopting restrictive measures of freedom, which have paralyzed the economy while failing to contain the virus. After a year, thanks to science, EU countries are benefiting from vaccines and alleviating those measures. However, due to the experimental nature and the shortage of vaccines and the constant mutation of the virus, The pandemic is still far from its resolution. COOPERATE’s priority need is to provide a “European” response to the pandemic from the point of view of its management in health establishments. The project is based on awareness that, despite common problems, each EU country has dealt with the virus in a specific way and presents practices on which it is necessary to leverage to provide health establishments and related professionals with more transversal skills and adequate techniques to face COVID-19 and future crises. The need is, in other words, to promote upskilling and professional development of health care operators.

01/02/2022 – 31/01/2024


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